normally uncountable, but moneys or monies

money (normally uncountable, but moneys or monies)

  1. Some currency.
  2. (countable, as moneys) Two or more currencies spoken of together.
  3. Hard cash, as opposed to cheques/checks or credit cards.
  4. An item of value between two parties used for the exchange of goods or services.
  5. Assets such as houses or cars which show a person has money.
  6. (countable, as monies) (usually plural) A distinct money fund or account.
    The monies are on account and available for spending.
  7. Richness, rich people-particularly those who didn"t inherit it.
  8. A person who funds an operation.


5 letters in word "money": E M N O Y.

No anagrams for money found in this word list.

Words found within money:

em en eon me men meno mo moe mon mony moy my ne no nom nome noy ny nye oe om omen on one oy oye ye yen yo yom yon

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